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About Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is famed as Canada's smallest and greenest Province, cradled on the waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, PEI is known for the vivid colors of it's gently rolling landscape that's often likened to a patchwork quilt. Steeped in history, over 150 years ago we were home to the conference which gave birth to the concept of Confederation a meeting that lead to the Country we now know as Canada. Our Island is surrounded by miles of crystal white sand beaches and red sandstone cliffs. Sized perfectly for touring, visitors to the Island return home not only relaxed and refreshed but often claim to have been transformed by our peaceful and friendly home. So come join us!

-Island Fun Facts-

  • No place on the Island is more than ten miles from the sea

  • The Island we now know as Prince Edward Island has had three names, originally dubbed Abigweit by our First Nations people it was changed by French Settlers to Ille Sainte-Jean and then in 1799 was renamed to honor Queen Victoria's Father and became Prince Edward Island

  • Our famous red soil is a natural occurrence because of the levels of iron oxide that's a natural part of our terrain. The iron oxide then rusts on exposure to the air and thus creates our unique landscape

  • From Tip to Tip our total land area is only 2,184 Square Miles

  • The Island Hymn was written by celebrated Island Author Lucy Maud Montgomery in the Spring of 1908

  • PEI's Major Industries are Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism. Of course this means that we always have the freshest of foods available along with award winning fine dining restaurants to tempt your palate

  • Want to see what's happening on PEI? Check out our Daily Newspapers!
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